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We are selective developers and investors as well as disciplined underwriters and asset managers.  We look for value added and yield play opportunities, in niche markets, taking advantage of market inefficiencies and displacements.  


Our strategy focuses on identifying high barrier-to-entry in-fill locations with favorable long-term supply-demand characteristics.  We direct our investment strategy on properties located in submarkets with growth potential, as well as on underperforming properties that provide opportunities to add value resulting in increased rents, occupancy rates and cash flow.  Our strategy may include discretionary government approvals, ground up development, adaptive re-use, focused capital improvement programs, the reduction and containment of operating costs, active management, and aggressive leasing efforts. 


Simply stated, we are “value adders.”  Show us an opportunity to create value with our expertise, and we will pursue it.  Show us buildings we can reposition; land we can develop; facilities we can expand; uses we can change; facilities we can retrofit; low occupancies we can lease up; apartments we can upgrade; properties we can renovate; underperforming assets we can manage; unusual deals; direct deals; broker deals; and deals not yet on the market.


We are not limited to properties, debt acquisition opportunities, joint ventures and affiliations are also part of our investment strategy.  Go or no-go decisions are efficient at Cowley Real Estate Partners. 


Cowley Real Estate Partners continuously seeks to acquire residential, commercial and retail properties with a purchase price of $2 million dollars and above within the western United States.  We rely on our contacts from within the industry and from the brokerage community to locate new investment opportunities.  We, therefore, ardently protect brokers who submit investment opportunities that have not been officially listed for sale. 


When submitting a potential investment opportunity, please include as much information as possible including: a property description, aerial and property photographs, map, current rent roll, prior and current year operating statements, sale and rental comparisons, and terms of existing financing. 

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